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Why Would You Need a Strategic CFO?

Our team’s expertise comes from over 20 plus years of practice in both public and private industry, which is a unique offering that very few CPA and Consulting firms can provide. Very often, these types of firms will offer expertise from one of the two sides of business and finance consulting, having all of their experiences in either public practice or private industry. Our firm specializes in numerous industries, including but not limited to the following: Manufacturing, Construction, Wholesale, Retail, and Service industries. Your success is our inspiration!

Proven Experience

Proven Experience

With more than a successful 20-year track record in creating innovative ideas and business practices, Courcelle Consulting specializes in making precise adjustments in operations and financial decisions that help yield higher profits.



Knowing that businesses have to develop systems to become more efficient, our experts have spent years creating plans that work. We help steer your company not only in the right direction but the most cost-effective one as well.

Dynamic Solutions

Dynamic Solutions

In today's ever-evolving commerce system, it is often challenging for any business owner to stay abreast of advancing technologies. Our team stays educated in ways to solve business problems by thinking outside of the box so that your business can truly thrive.

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“Al’s grasp of our business, including products and sales channels, has exceeded my expectations. He has provided insightful leadership and advice on our financial condition, including our capital stack and complex commercial & shareholder investment instruments. Al is a quick study and his steady hand is a real asset to our company.”

Terry J.


Al Courcelle has been involved with multiple businesses of my husband and I for over 11 years now. I have developed an incredible appreciation for not only his accounting and financial expertise, but for his solid, unshakable and admirable, personal characteristics, as well. I have to say, he is just an all-around great-guy and one that has been so easy to work with on any type of project we have encountered over the years. What I have found to be most notable about Al is that his skills are certainly not limited to a particular field of business. His ability to easily transition from our usual line of business (marine industry, blasting and painting, etc.) to one of a completely different field (a medical, home health agency), has far exceeded our expectations. It is with utmost confidence that I am able to recommend Al's firm to anyone regardless of the type of business they are affiliated with or that they may own.

Amie F.


“I am a lawyer a regional Gulf South law firm working closely with Al Courcelle representing claimants in a major class action settlement for over three years. He has assisted many of my Firm’s clients with the complex accounting analysis required under the settlement. I have seen Al’s knowledge and accounting expertise applied across numerous industries, from small local businesses to global Fortune 500 companies. He has consistently delivered excellent service to my Firm’s clients. I have been truly impressed with Al’s accounting and general business knowledge and highly recommended Courcelle."

Lisa H.


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